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Trained and accredited by Patsy Rodenburg in Movement/Voice/Text for the Theatre, skilled in Shakespeare text and analysis, Pilates certified, IDC (Intimacy) Level 3 eligible; Lyra is a classically trained dancer, singer, and musician.


Lyra teaches voiceover acting workshops at the university level both in person and remotely.


Lyra is a nationally recognized voice actor delivering powerful content for some of the most successful companies and organizations in the world.

Lyra MacKenzie

Lyra is a Movement/Voice Director for the theatre, a SAG-AFTRA Voice Actor, Certified 3rd generation Pilates Instructor, Intimacy Coach,  University Guest Artist, and a Registered Rodenburg Teacher (RRT), one of 30 people in the world with the accreditation.  She holds a BA in Music-Opera Performance from Washington University in St. Louis, and is a concert grand Salzedo harpist.

Leslie Mendenhall portrait
Elephant Man production

Movement direction for A Public Fit Theatre's production of The Elephant Man

Photo courtesy of Richard Brusky.

Lyra voiced several political ads for the 2020 election.  Most notable are her ads for presidential candidate, Joe Biden.


Peace Of Mind In The Studio

Lyra and I have worked on many projects over the last 4 years and every time she has brought the best version of herself.

She is determined, patient, kind & constantly works on sharpening her skills. Having her involved with projects brings peace of mind knowing it will get handled in a timely manner with expert precision.

Jesus Rodriquez

Sound Editor - Adrenaline Studios

A Noticeable Improvement

“Lyra worked with my sound design students on how to get good performances out of voice actors. During this class she brought voice acting students to the studio and worked on proper microphone technique. The quality of the voice acting, and sound quality of the recordings the students submitted immediately improved after just one session with Lyra. Her ability to teach the actors and sound designers how to analyze the scripts, and sculpt the performances — while maintaining excellent microphone technique — was invaluable for both actors and sound designers alike.

Her workshops were well-organized, informative, and very well attended. Working with the students individually, or in small groups, she was able to teach a solid foundation for acting, script analysis, point out the individual’s strong points, and teach the attendees how to continue improving their skills after they left the workshops. It is always inspiring to see the students discover what they are capable of, and Lyra does an amazing job of bringing this out of them.”

Dr. Andrew Hopson

Professor of Sound Design Department of Theatre and Dance, Indiana University

Master Educator

“Lyra came highly recommended to me by a colleague who’d seen her teaching in action. When we suddenly found ourselves creating an online curriculum for Summer 2020, I knew I needed the most veteran of instructors to tackle this new medium. Lyra delivered time and time again. She provided clear and actionable instructions and homework ahead of class, and the students arrived ready to work and be coached. She then followed up with written feedback for the students to have a tangible receipt of their progress and their individual goals post-class. Lyra is a master educator both in-person and online.”

Ben Wolfe

Founder and Artistic Director, Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute

Student Praise for Lyra

Two of my graduating MFA actors offered this immediate praise:

“After Lyra’s class I was able to immediately use what I learned for a voiceover audition my agent sent me on the next day! I feel extremely competitive in this market. Thank you Lyra!” – Anna Doyle

“These classes help me believe that I can do what I love… voiceover work.” – Daniel Meeks

Nancy Lipshultz

Assoc. Professor of Theatre, Indiana Univ. Bloomington

Happy To Have Hired Lyra

“We were fortunate to have Lyra here in person for a week in 2019 where she taught five workshops, and also on zoom this past year. To say she delivered excellence both times is accurate but perhaps a bit of an understatement. Lyra’s classes were organized, process based, and gave each student goals for the future. Along with these solid outcomes the classes were delightful and my students did their best work in this supportive environment.”

Nancy Lipshultz

Assoc. Professor of Theatre, Indiana Univ. Bloomington

Listen in as Lyra guides 3 of her students to deliver their best during an online voiceover workshop.

A behind the scenes look at a voice and movement warmup by Lyra for the cast of August Osage County at A Public Fit Theatre in Las Vegas.

What Can Lyra Do For You?

Lyra teaches movement

Movement / Voice / Intimacy Direction

Lyra teaches voiceover

Voiceover Coaching and Workshops

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