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Voiceover Coaching

Practical voiceover instruction for the real world

Lyra teaches voiceover to graduate and undergraduate students as an invited Guest Artist at various University theatre departments, in person and via zoom.  Her classes, workshops, and intensives teach the technology, application, and technique of voice over acting in the areas of acting, directing, and sound design.  Topics include the business of the business, discussing agents, courses of study, markets, trends, union vs non-union, working from a home studio, genres, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls of the industry.  Students have the opportunity to work on commercial, promo, political, corporate branding, character, and video game copy.

Voiceover workshop
Lyra in studio


Lyra’s teaching integrates the foundational aspect of Patsy Rodenburg’s Second Circle methodology….presence….and learning to harness the energy of body, breath, and voice. Learning to land the text with honest clarity… to think, feel, imagine, and speak simultaneously, discovering the thought in the moment. Voice actors are heard but not seen. Telling the story, whether it be for a car commercial, a video game character, or an audiobook, means the voice actor must bring the same fundamental craft and skill to the microphone as they do for the stage. The technical mastery required is one and the same.